Mapping Memories

Memories of who we are now, who we were, who we wanted to become, are wrapped up in memories of where we are, where we were, and where we will be (would like to be)
Jones and Garde-Hansen 2012: 4


Trained in languages and civilisations of the Mediterranean (modern Hebrew language and literature), as well as in social anthropology, I am interested in performances of memories and identities in the context of postcolonial migrations, in particular from the Middle East and North Africa region. I have a passion for stories and creative mapping, art-based research and co-creation. I am committed to study migrations in the past to better understand contemporary issues of borders and boundaries, human mobility, and multiple belongings.

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GAM – Gender, Ageing and Migration. Memory and Jewish Masculinities from North Africa and the Middle East

How ageing and gender—notably the performance of masculinity—have shaped the process of identification of Jewish migrants from North Africa and the Middle East to Europe in contemporary time? Which patterns of community and the intergenerational transmission of (Jewish) masculinity models and migration trauma can we apprehend by this experience?


MiDSt – Mapping Difficult Stories

In the summer of 1970, almost 20,000 Italian nationals were expelled from Libya and “came back home” to Italy. There, they struggled to reconstruct their lives in patria, a “homeland” that received them with indifference, incredulity, if not suspicion and overt hostility. Fifty years later, this chapter of Italian colonial past remains largely invisible.


EIJM – Europe’s (In)Visible Jewish Migrants

In the wake of decolonisation movements, an impressive number of Europeans and non-Europeans were repatriated to Europe from former colonies, including North Africa. Despite the scale of this phenomenon, the impact that these return migrations had on migrants themselves and on host nations in Europe, remained until recently an “invisible” subject in academic literature as recalled by Andrea Smith [A. Smith (ed.), Europe’s Invisible Migrants, 2003]. Jews were also part of these mass migration movements.



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“A Map of Words”, Audio-documentary by Martina Melilli (Original idea & texts), Botafuego (Production & Sound design) and Piera Rossetto (Scientific advice & texts)

“Mapping Roots, Charting Routes. Jewish Migrations from North Africa and the Middle East to Milan (1940s-1970s)”, Digital Visualization by Piera Rossetto (Original idea & scientific data elaboration), Sara Radice (User experience & interface design) and Fabio Sturaro (Software design & development)

“Ze hayah be-leil Shabbat – The eve of the Shabbat.” Creative map based on the lifestory of Ms. R. Messika. Martina Melilli (Art direction and Texts), Michela Nanut (Graphic design and illustrations), Piera Rossetto (Scientific advice).

Digital visualisation based on the Storyboard of R. Abravanel by Martina Melilli,” Piera Rossetto (scientific advice), Verena Resch (Graphic design),

“Storyboard of Ms. R. Abravanel.” Martina Melilli (Art direction), Piera Rossetto (scientific advice).

Academic Blog “Be-longing. Roots, Routes, and Memories Across the Mediterrenean”,


Mind the Map

May 9th, 2022|

Visibility and invisibility represent crucial categories of analysis in migration studies. However, the multiple manifestations of in-visibility can make it difficult to precisely define them. This article suggests reconsidering these categories not so much in [...]




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